CourseSites by Blackboard

The Latest Tools in One Learning Landscape

We promise to keep CourseSites up to date with the latest Blackboard and partner technology to ensure you have the latest and greatest online teaching tools to engage and assess students on new and different levels!

Core Technology Updates

My Blackboard
My Blackboard

Everything you need, all in one place. My Blackboard consolidates critical information from across all of CourseSites and presents it in one easy-to-navigate home base.

With the new Global Navigation Menu, you have one-click access to the new My Blackboard tools – like your Profile, Updates, People and Posts – as well as your courses, organizations, and settings.

Simple and modern, My Blackboard meets the needs of today's active learners and their teachers.

Item Analysis
Item Analysis

Item Analysis helps you refine assessments by evaluating the quality and validity of each question.

New CourseSites Roster
Enhanced Roster

The roster now provides increased visibility of teacher and student information, allows you to collect a group of favorite contacts within the course, and connect through social media. Please view the tutorial to learn how to manage your roster.

CourseSites Blog Feed
Blog Feed

The new Blog Feed goes beyond the embedded Notification feature by providing a continuous feed from all course blogs which you can expose in the course, or encourage students to subscribe to the RSS and/or Atom feed for viewing blog activity outside of the course. Additional features include filters and subscription options to view posts from only the blogs in which you are participating. To activate in your course, turn the tool on (Control Panel > Customization > Tool Availability) and direct students to the general Tools area in your course.

Blackboard Mobile Tools Product Image
Blackboard MobileTM Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn enables interactive teaching and learning on the go. Now students and teachers can access their courses, content and communities on CourseSites from a variety of devices, including iOS, Android, Palm® webOS and BlackBerry®. Specifically, CourseSites instructors and students can use Mobile Learn to: view grades, access documents in multiple formats, view and post in discussion forums, comment on blogs and journals, see the course roster, filter and favorite your courses, upload media as attachments to discussion boards and blogs, post announcements (instructors), and create content items within the course map (instructors).

Open Educational Resources Screenshot
Open Educational Resources (OER)

With CourseSites, you now have the ability to publish and share your courses as OER under a Creative Commons Attribution license (CC BY). Once published, other educators can easily preview and download the course content in Blackboard and Common Cartridge formats. In addition, you will easily be able share your open educational resource via social media channels like Facebook and Twitter.

Automated Regrading Screenshot
Automated Regrading

Automated Regrading enables instructors to drop, give full credit, change point value, or change which answer is marked correct and the system will re-grade submitted assessments efficiently. In addition, the system will provide notification about what has changed.

Interactive Rubrics Tool Screenshot
Interactive Rubrics

Enhanced interactive rubrics are here to make you even more efficient in the grading process. Rubrics enable the consistent grading of student activity including assignments, discussions, blogs, and wikis. You can grade items using percentages, points, a point range, or no points, and weight categories!

Task-Based Navigation Screenshot
Task-Based Navigation

Task-Based Navigation lets you jump from one course to another, retaining the context of the page, so you can perform the same task across multiple courses, saving you much needed time.

Activity & Performance Reporting
Activity & Performance Reporting

The upgrade to SP8 introduces reporting on performance as well as on activity in the system. Standards reporting includes student views against standards as well as a standard-centric view of aggregate student performance. Activity reporting includes overall course activity and individual student activity.